Many homebuyers overlook the importance of a third-party home inspection when moving into a newly-built home. Even a reputable and professional builder can make mistakes. Homeowners can save themselves the stress of discovering issues after moving in by having their home inspected first. Here are reasons every homeowner should request a home inspection on new construction.

Protect Your Investment With a Home Inspection on New Construction

Buying a home is probably the most significant investment you’ll ever make. Every homeowner should protect their investment by requesting a new construction inspection. A home inspector’s role is to thoroughly assess a home to uncover any issues. Professional home inspectors are trained to find signs of foundation, roof, electrical, and structural problems. Home inspection costs are insignificant compared to the money they can save you.

Save Money

A home inspection on new construction can help avoid unnecessary costs down the road. Your builder is responsible for fixing errors in construction or replacing defective materials before you have closed on the purchase and moved in. You can rest assured that your new home is safe for you and your family.

Market Value

The market value of a home often depends on its condition. Homeowners could lose a significant percentage of their home’s market value if there are unaddressed issues. However, homebuyers can be confident of their new home’s value by requesting an inspection on new construction before they close the deal.

A Home Inspection on New Construction Looks at More Than Code Compliance

City and county authorities are responsible for inspecting new and renovated homes before allowing occupancy. Never consider this a full home inspection because city or county officials aren’t as thorough as independent home inspectors. Local building officials will only check if the home is code-compliant. Also, municipal code inspectors usually have a vigorous schedule, inspecting several homes per day. They don’t allocate as much time for each property as a professional home inspector does.

Prevent Future Issues

Most builders subcontract work to specialists like electricians and plumbers. Subcontractors are usually experienced and skilled, but they can never guarantee a perfect outcome. A slight mistake may mean a costly expense for the homeowner down the road. A home inspection on new construction will position you to be able to move into a newly-built home without issues arising.

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