When buying a home, there are many steps to ensure it’s a good investment and safe for your family. One of those steps is having the property inspected by a professional home inspector. It’s helpful to know that while they will inform you about the condition of the house, they don’t perform certain home-related services. Familiarize yourself with the inspector’s role and know what a home inspector doesn’t do.

A Home Inspector Isn’t Going to Look Behind Walls

Home Inspectors can only evaluate the visible portions of a property and make an informed opinion on what they see. They won’t be able to uncover hidden problems, such as wiring or plumbing issues hidden behind walls or underground. Some inspectors have specialized certifications and equipment – like a thermal imaging camera and a moisture meter, but in general, assume if they can’t see it, they can’t check it.

A Home Inspector Doesn’t Do Property Value Assessments

Home inspectors cannot tell you what the home is worth in the current market. They are qualified to inspect a property and record details of its condition, but they aren’t appraisers. An appraisal looks at many other factors, such as the availability of comparable properties, recent sales history, and location, that an inspector won’t consider in their assessment.

They Don’t Provide Warranty Coverage

Inspectors are not obligated to cover any problems arising after the inspection. If a problem is uncovered during the inspection, they may provide an opinion as to its cause and suggest ways it could be fixed, but you won’t be able to hold them responsible if it’s not fixed correctly or doesn’t last.

They Can’t Provide Legal Advice

Inspectors are not qualified to give legal advice related to purchasing a home or the condition of a property. They will provide their professional opinion on what they have observed, but decisions about the purchase of the property should be discussed with your real estate agent and a qualified real estate lawyer.

A Home Inspector Doesn’t Do Home Repairs

Home inspectors won’t make any repairs to a property they are inspecting, which makes sense because their job is to find problems, not fix them. If they notice an issue, some inspectors will recommend repair options, but they will not fix it themselves.

When buying a home, an inspection is an essential part of the process, but remember that there are certain things a home inspector won’t do. Make sure you understand what their role is so when it comes time for inspection, you’ll know what to expect.

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