Many homeowners think that the appearance inside their home matters more than the exterior. However, the exterior should also be appealing to create a good first impression and increase the home’s resale value. The first impression is vital in the real estate market since buyers want homes with great curb appeal. Here are 9 ways to improve curb appeal.

1. Upgrade Walkways to Improve Curb Appeal

There are many walkway upgrades that homeowners can use to improve curb appeal. Replace broken or chipped walkway stones. Clear overgrown grass and weeds from the edges of walkways and in between bricks. Seal cracks on cement and pavement.

2. Repair Your Roof

The roof is necessary to protect the home against weather elements including rain, sun, wind, and snow. In addition, the roof also impacts the visual appeal of the home. To improve your curb appeal, repair your roof or perform simple cosmetic fixes, depending on its condition. Replace missing shingles, remove moss, and replace discolored or sagging areas.

3. Add Plants to Your Garden

Landscaping is among the top methods for improving curb appeal. Adding some plants to your yard makes the property more appealing, especially to potential buyers. However, to prevent increased maintenance costs which can sometimes discourage buyers, plant low-maintenance plants.

4. Update Your Front Door

Updating your front door can improve the overall appearance of your home. To improve your curb appeal, paint your front door and replace the hardware. Pick a paint color that adds a pop of color, while still coordinating with your home and its surroundings.

5. Improve Curb Appeal With Flower Boxes

Adding flower boxes is an easy and affordable way to improve curb appeal. Flower boxes can be attached to windows and placed on front porches. Choose bright colors to enhance your home’s overall appearance.

6. Add Outdoor Lighting to Improve Curb Appeal at Night

Lighting illuminates your home’s best features, especially at night. Add lights along your walkways and around the landscape. This not only improves visibility but also improves your home’s security.

7. Paint Your Garage Door

Homeowners can upgrade their garage doors by applying a fresh coat of paint. The paint color you choose should match other exterior components of your home for a better impression.

8. Outdoor Furniture

If you have old outdoor furniture items, replace them. You can also revive your outdoor seats and benches by painting them all the same color or adding outdoor cushions.

9. Update Your Fence

Most homeowners have metal or wooden fences. If the fence is rusty or rotting, make the necessary repairs or replacements.

These are just some of the ways to improve the home’s exterior. Others include adding shutters, pressure washing the siding, and cleaning gutters and windows.

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