Summer is coming to a close, and just like with any transition of seasons, your home needs to be prepared for the changes. Come fall, you’ll want to use systems like your furnace and fireplace. Components like the roof and plumbing will need to be prepared for cold and wet weather. Here are 5 smart ways to prepare your home for fall.

Fireplace Preparation

Once the first brisk day of fall hits, you’ll probably want to light up your fireplace. To make sure it is safe, clean, and ready to use, bring in a chimney sweep and fireplace inspector to service the fireplace. This service is needed for both gas or wood-burning fireplaces, as well as wood-burning stoves. Schedule your service right away, because these professionals get busy around this time of year.

Tree Care to Prepare Your Home for Fall

Tree removal specialists also get busy at the end of summer, in preparation for fall and winter. Remove dead trees from your property before the weather gets harsh and trees and branches are more likely to fall. Look around your property for trees that are unseasonably bare or look sickly. If any trees are questionable, have a professional assess them and then schedule a removal if they recommend it.

Roof Inspection

While removing trees is one way to protect your roof in storms, the roof needs more preparation before fall and winter sets in. Cleaning the gutters before more leaves and debris fall is a good place to start. Schedule a professional roof inspection to point out parts of your roof that are compromised and need repairs before they get worse. Snow and ice on the roof cause more wear and tear to already damaged areas and are likely to result in water damage.

Service the Furnace

The temperature outside turns from mild to cold abruptly in fall. Service the furnace as soon as possible so it is ready to be turned on the first day that you need it. An HVAC professional will inspect and clean the parts and test the system. This task is important to verify that the furnace is safe and running efficiently.

Prepare Your Home for Fall by Insulating Pipes

Pipes and spigots that are exposed to the exterior are vulnerable to freezing and bursting. Wrap foam pipe insulation around exposed pipes to prevent this problem. A burst pipe is a messy and expensive predicament, so prevent it early in the season.

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