Spring is an excellent time to clean your home thoroughly. While there are places you’ll focus on, there are others you may overlook. Here are seven commonly-forgotten areas to pay attention to when spring cleaning.

Under and Behind Appliances

Appliances like refrigerators, ovens, and washing machines are bulky and difficult to move. As a result, the areas behind and beneath these appliances rarely get cleaned. These areas accumulate a lot of dirt if neglected.

During spring cleaning, move large appliances away from walls and clean the areas behind and beneath the appliances. Additionally, wipe down the exteriors of the devices to eliminate dirt. Doing this can help the machines last longer and even improve their efficiency.

Spring Cleaning Under the Sink

The area beneath the kitchen and bathroom sink is another commonly overlooked area that can get pretty dirty and messy. When performing spring cleaning, dispose of empty bottles beneath your sink. Then, wipe the area with a damp cloth. However, call a professional to detect severe problems, like leaks and mold.

Spring Cleaning the Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets can gather a lot of clutter. When spring cleaning, declutter cabinets. Get rid of empty containers and expired foods. Then, wipe your cabinets with a damp cloth. Decluttering your cabinets can create more storage space and make your kitchen neat.

Spring Cleaning the Mattress

Your mattress can accumulate a lot of germs over time. Sprinkle baking soda evenly over your entire bed, let it sit for several hours, and then vacuum it. Baking soda deodorizes, and it eliminates dirt and moisture too.

Curtains and Blinds

Curtains and blinds are rarely cleaned because it’s a hassle to take them off windows and put them back up. Unfortunately, they can gather a lot of dust if neglected. During spring cleaning, take down your blinds and curtains. Then, place your blinds in a bathtub with warm water, dish soap, and a cup of baking soda.

Let them soak for about an hour to wash off the dust and rinse them thoroughly. Most curtains can be machine-washed. Read the care label before you machine-wash them.

Spring Cleaning the Windows

Streaks and dirt on windows can prevent sunlight from entering your home. Fill a bucket with clean water, add a few drops of dish soap, and clean your windows using a microfiber cloth to eliminate streaks and dirt. Cleaning your windows will allow natural light to enter your home more.

Door Frames and Knobs

It can be easy to forget about door frames and knobs when cleaning. But these areas need to be cleaned because everyone touches them. Use a cloth to wipe door frames and knobs. Wipe them using an antibacterial disinfectant for even better results. When cleaning them, also clean other commonly-forgotten places like faucet handles, light switches, tops of bookshelves, and remote controls.

These seven commonly missed spots harbor dirt and germs if neglected. When cleaning your home in spring, don’t forget to add them to your spring cleaning checklist for a cleaner and healthier home.

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