Your oven collects grease and food particles with use. It is beneficial to give this appliance a deep clean every 2-3 months. Cleaning the oven helps it run more efficiently while also extending its lifespan. Here is a guide with easy steps to clean your oven.

Here’s How to Clean an Oven in 5 Easy Steps

1. Clean Oven Racks

When cleaning your oven, remove the oven racks, as they are often coated with grease and spilled food. To clean the racks, start by gently scraping them to remove baked-on grease. For a deeper clean, soak the racks in warm, soapy water. If your sink is not big enough for the racks, use the bathtub. When scrubbing them clean, use dishwashing liquid to loosen stuck food particles.

2. Remove Residue From the Oven

After leaving the racks to soak, remove burned food and ash from the oven. An effective way to remove grease and other residue is with a wooden spoon or plastic scraper. These materials won’t damage the inside of the oven. Loosen the particles and sweep them out of the bottom of the appliance. To catch food debris and prevent it from falling onto the floor, place newspapers on the floor in front of the oven.

3. Use an Oven Cleaner

The next step is to wipe down your oven and apply a generous amount of oven cleaner. This will remove residue and get rid of any odor. Purchase oven cleaner from the grocery store. If you don’t have any on hand, mix baking soda with water to form a paste. Spread this paste throughout the inside of your oven and let it sit for 6 to 8 hours.

4. Scrub the Inside of the Oven

After leaving your oven cleaner to soak for a few hours, take a wet cloth and wipe it clean. Remove all of the cleansing products and any remaining food residue.

5. Clean the Oven Door

Last but not least, clean the oven door. Use a spray cleaner to dampen the glass and wipe it clean with a soft cloth. If there are stubborn food splatters on the inside of the door, use an over cleaner to remove them. You can fill a spray bottle with half and half white vinegar and water for a homemade solution. Spray this solution on the glass door and clean the area with a microfiber cloth.

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